Boston Home: Materials

Photographs by Nina Gallant

Styling by Yours Truly

Boston Home: Restorations

Photographs by Bob O'Connor

Styling by Janice Dunwoody

Boston Weddings: Seasonal Inspiration

Photographs by Francine Zaslow

Event Styling by Natalie Pinney and Moira Thompson of Whim Events

Boston Home: Additions

Photographs by Sean Litchfield

Boston Home: Kitchens 2016

Photographs by Eric Roth, Nat Rea, Matt Delphenich

Boston Home: Global Beds

Photographs by Adam Detour

Styling by Kara Butterfield

Boston Weddings: Tablescapes

Photographs by Nina Gallant

Styling by Lauren Wells

Best of Boston Home 2016

Photographs by Nat Rea, Jane Messinger, Bob O'Connor, Chuck Choi, Eric Roth, Matt Delphenich

Boston Home: Guitars

Photographs by Jim Brueckner